Physical artifacts are important - they are the only form of time travel I'm aware of. I don't know of any other way to communicate to people in the future. It's easy to forget the power of physical photographs when we're already overflowing with more digital photos than we know what to do with.

Printing Techniques, Ink, and Paper

Fine Art Prints (Giclée)

High-quality, long-lasting prints with superior color accuracy. Made by spraying ink onto paper or canvas. The ink is absorbed into the paper, creating a continuous tone print.

  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag: 100% cotton, matte finish, excellent for detail and color depth.
  • Epson Cold Press Bright: Textured, matte paper, great for reproducing watercolors.
  • Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag: Resembles traditional darkroom paper, high Dmax, and wide color gamut.
  • Moab Entrada Rag Natural: Smooth, slightly warm-toned, good for both color and black-and-white prints.

C-Type Prints

Photographic prints with continuous tone and vibrant colors. Made by exposing light-sensitive paper to light and then developing the image, similar to traditional darkroom prints.

  • Kodak Endura Professional Papers: Offers a range of finishes (glossy, matte, metallic).
  • Fuji Crystal Archive Papers: Known for excellent color reproduction and stability.
  • Ilford Galerie Prestige: Provides a good balance between color and contrast.

Canvas Prints

Not my jam since most are done poorly, but canvas done well is great if you want something bulkier and more durable than paper.

  • Breathing Color Lyve Canvas: High-end canvas with a fine texture and high Dmax.
  • Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte: Heavyweight, durable, suitable for gallery and museum use.
  • Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas: Bright white, clear coat for extra protection.

Specialty Papers

  • Hahnemühle Bamboo 290: Low texture, eco-friendly, made with bamboo fibers.
  • Hahnemühle Albrecht Durer 210: Medium texture, watercolor paper, artistic feel.
  • Hahnemühle German Etching 310: Heavy texture, etching paper, highly tactile.

Metallic Prints

Again, not my thing really but these are for prints with a shiny, metallic sheen, vibrant colors, and deep blacks.

  • Kodak Professional Metallic: Creates a unique metallic look, vibrant colors.
  • Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver 300: Ultra-shiny finish, exceptional color depth.

Quality print shops, some archival-grade

Photo Books

Some of the above make nice books, here's some that I know primarily for their photo books:


Cheat sheet for common aspect ratios and print sizes

Aspect RatioPrint Size (inches)
1:18x8, 10x10, 12x12
4:38x6, 12x9, 16x12
3:29x6, 12x8, 15x10
5:410x8, 15x12, 20x16
16:916x9, 24x14, 32x18