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How to get ChatGPT to know about libraries that you use thumbnail

How do I get it to know about libraries that I use? This is a guide for how to get ChatGPT to know about the libraries that you use, using custom instructions and system messages.

Gödel and the Utility of New Models thumbnail

How do Gödel’s incompleteness theorems relate to our current understanding the utility of new models?

Navigating the New Frontier: What You Need to Know About Multimodal AI thumbnail

Dive into the exciting realm of multimodal AI where machines interpret the world through multiple senses, much like humans do. Discover how this technology is reshaping industries and what you need to understand to stay ahead.

Empathy Bots: Ground-Up Alignment with Human Emotion as a Core Modality thumbnail

This post explores the concept of 'empathy bots' that incorporate human-like empathy and emotion into their interactions, discussing the potential benefits and alignment challenges this novel approach to AI presents.