Mining History, Manuscripts, and Archaeology

History, Manuscripts, and Archaeology

Preserving history is great. But we don't really understand the past accurately. Our best model of the past is a collection of stories, artifacts, and documents by the survivors of physical and social calamity and weathering. This is an inherently biased starting point.

We can use AI to help us to model the past more conclusively, to not only preserve the history we have, but to uncover the history we don't know or that was lost to time, spoils of war, or the elements.

Genuine Mysteries of History

There are numerous mysteries of history that we have yet to solve. That may be shocking for readers whose worldview is shaped by history and science as a largely solved problem, now left to the fringe to debate the finer points on. But there are many mysteries of history that we have yet to solve.

To this day, we have not yet deciphered some incredibly intriguing, almost alien-looking manuscripts.

Historical Resources

The Voynich Manuscript

Quite likely the most famous undeciphered manuscript in the world. It has changed hands many times, been analyzed the world over, and nodbody has yet to provide a satisfactory explanation for what it is or what it means. The most fun part is that it could simple be a hoax! But even if it is, the complexity of this hoax is astounding, and an AI-assisted analysis could help us to understand it better.