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Gödel and the Utility of New Models


A new model for the utility of new models

When wrestling with the utility of new models, I found myself retracing the steps of ancient philosophers and mathematicians. From Plato's realm of forms to Gödel’s groundbreaking theorems, the path was enlightening.

School of Athens

Plato's Realm and the Challenges of Representation Learning

In the heart of Plato's philosophy lies the concept of ideal forms. Just as he pondered over the true essence of a circle or a triangle, we today grapple with teaching machines the essence of a cat, a song, or an emotion. How can we, through layers of artificial neurons, mirror this Platonic realization?

Gödel's Theorems and the Limits of Computation

Gödel shattered the foundations of mathematics by proving that within any logical system, there exist truths that can't be proven. As I delved deeper into neural networks, I saw parallels. Are there aspects of understanding forever out of reach